Loving you is like planting a rare flower

love is like a rare flower

I felt there was something intangible existing within, such as stabbing in each layer. It was able to penetrate the space and time, It was always honest as the source of God. Tonight I like to think it’s called again, I think that might rarely give attention lately. But it still comes, always comes, even this time, it got into recesses of mind and heart, more alive and churn. I hope this feeling is not only present in the silence, but it will still be there. Whenever and whatever the conditions. It’s all about my feeling to you not them but us.

Maybe it’s time I got a sense of it, a sense that has been commintted in a matter of years. I’ve failed in love knitting. It was not their fault, but it’s my fault not keeping with the care and caution. I don’t want to do the same mistake with you.

Sometimes, I think loving you is like planting a rare flower. It needs proper care and discipline in order to grow. However, if ignored he will wither and die. It isn’t like planting a regular flowers, which can grow only to plug it on the ground, leave it alone and expect it to grow. Like the pine trees that had grown up in some roadside. But the flower of love is different, it want to be treated like a rare flower. Should be treated and mantined with patience.

Human beings are unique. They can express love differently. I realized, in expressing love to you, I made ​​you cry more often than smile. Till this day I do not know how to make you smile every time. But from the beginning until today I realized that I have chosen you, to love you and pray so I can grow old with you, that’s all.

Muara Bungo: November 12, 2012.


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