Kantin HES: We’ll Exchange Ideas and Skills

Kantin HES, Kampus PGRI Plaju Palembang

Kantin HES, Kampus PGRI Plaju Palembang

This time is 21.48 pm, tomorrow I’ll do market visit to Prabumulih. I prepare for sleeping but I can’t close my eyes. A lot of things cross on my mind. Rather than doing nothing I pick up a book and read “Manufacturing Hope” by Dahlan Iskan.

While reading these book, I suddently remembered my friends in Palembang. We recently tried to manufacture some friends hope by creating social business. I and three other friends went into a joint venture to built canteen which dedicated market segmented approach  to student around PGRI campus in Palembang. The canteen name is Kantin HES.

In my personal opinion, kantin HES is a journey to integrate their skills to my dream for our better future. Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank said, traditionally the whole idea of business was built the idea of making money. We all know the earliest from business was barter, the exchange of one good for another goods. You have something and I have something, and we exchange them so that both of us are better. You have rice and I have fish. So we exchange some rice for some fish. After the exchange both of us have rice and fish. Both are happier. How many people involved into that transaction? It was only two people and that’s way that kind of business was old-fashined.

So, what is business today?

In a nutshell, We involve some people for kindness of many people. We’ll not exchange some rice for some fish anymore but we’ll integrate between ideas and skills. We’ll combine those ideas and skills to create a new good thing. It’s the logical reason why Kantin HES exist.


Oh God, I have forget how long time I needed to write this paragraph since I stop studying English in Bright A and I almost never practice it again.  It isn’t easy to describe, even I have a bunch of idea but it’s look like a barrier make my mind can’t go outside become a written idea.

Kantin HES at 21;57 pm.

Palembang, February 16, 2014


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