Let’s stop talking and start doing

I just watched this video about ASEAN CEO Summit which took place in Malaysia and presented by 4 great people from around Asean. I concerned about small medium enterprise (SME) in Indonesia which explained by Mr Gita and bright idea from Mr Supachai.

Mr Gita’s concern “55 Million SME (entrepreneur) in Indonesia, only 25 million of them have access to banking. We talk about 30 million SMEs who don’t have bank account. How can we talk about making sure that Indonesian can be proud member of G 20, proud member of Asean Economic Community when 30 million of entrepreneurs don’t have access to financing.

Mr Supachai’s idea “most of the SMEs (around 80 – 90 percent) in Asean are in the informal sector, if we think the SMEs as a formal sector and we use normal formal macroeconomic thing financial flows it wouldn’t be affective. We don’t need to turn SMEs from informal to formal sector but we have to find a solution going to informal sector in a way of informal sector.

Why Mr Yunus Should Come?

Mr Mohammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank can share their experience and expertise how to help informal sector to sustain and contribute to Bangladesh economy. So let’s stop talking and start doing 🙂

Kalidoni Palembang.

April 18, 2015


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