Hi Young Investor Indonesia

I’m Budi Setiawan from Palembang, Indonesia.

Last month I created a group namely Young Investor Indonesia (YII) on Facebook. This group was established due to Indonesian financial literacy that still low. World Bank survey also showed that the population aged over 15 years, only 36 percent use financial institutions, and then The Indonesia Financial Services Authority did a survey in 2013 the literacy rate in rural areas is still relatively low at about 22 percent of peoples.

Indonesia is one of G 20 member, our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was worth USD 888.54 billion in 2014. The GDP value of Indonesia represents 1.43 percent of the world economy. Indonesia has huge population, more than 240 million people, the fourth largest population worldwide. Today, the country warn to prepare for demographic bonus, which is predicted will occur in 2025-2030, when the number of people within the productive age is higher than the number of children and elderly people. Most of them need to be infused by financial literacy.

In one hand we have a lot of “bonus” but on the other hand we still meet discrepancy in term of financial literacy. By creating this group, hopefully we can contribute to increasing financial literacy in our country.

Last but not least, YII group has reach 970 members today and we do expect that it will become larger day by day. We hope anyone want to help us to increasing financial literacy around the world, particularly in Indonesia by condescending to share your article, information, etc to this group in the link below:


Thank You in advance, we hope all of you are enjoying a happy and welfare life.

Warm regards from Indonesia; October 13, 2015

Budi Setiawan


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