Why should We worry about Uncertainty

Sitting on the same chair and table at one place (office) for long time is the easiest way to bring you nowhere. Wake up and make decision to follow your dreams may put you on the uncertain situation. So, which one do you choose?

It is not an easy option. But we all know that life is full of uncertainty. Some people said that the only thing certain in our life is the uncertainty. According to the experts, uncertainty is a situation which involves imperfect and/ or unknown information.

For sure, We have been through many circumstances within out life time. Happy, sadness, success, fail and so on. All those things happened because we had been tried something. We often succeed and also unsucceed. For me, trying something and unsucceed, it would be better rather than we do nothing.

Uncertainty in finance

For example, an investor came to stock analyst. She asked him why the stock price dropped whereas she had analyzed using some financial ratios. The analyst answered the stock price was not only defined by some financial variables such DER, ROI, etc but there were many variables which influence stock price like investor behavior, geopolitic, global economy and so forth. Prof. Manurung and his friends conducted a research. It focus on the determinant factors of Jakarta Composite Index (JCI). They used ten variables and they also claimed using the longest available monthly database for Indonesia data. But at the end of research, they suggest other researchers to do future research. By reading this, I just thinking. There is no one contant variable which influence another variable but it should many variables. It means that we can’t use all of variables in one research because we do not have enough resources (time, money, etc) to do it. So if there are several variabels that can not be covered only by single research, it shows there is a room for uncertainy.

Flash Back

I try to flash back when I decided to resign and focus on pursuing my dream. I risk everything  I have for something that I believe. Indeed, I am testing against my belief. I had made some decisions that carry me on to current situation. I moved from one company to another company. I resigned from multinational company and decided to continue master degree. The newest one, I stop working at investment company and trying to pursue another dream. Then I learn something obout uncertainty.

I learn something during those journeys. I may have plans and complete them with some alternatives, but I can’t guarantee all of the result as I expected. Now, I know my life is full of uncertainty but God has his own way for me. So why should we worry about uncertainty, if God has a plan for me. What I need, it just to learn deep enough and believe on Allah’s plan.

And whoever fears Allah, for him Allah brings forth a way out, and gives him provision (rizq) from where he does not even imagine (Surat At-Talaq: 2/3).

I do believe with Allah has plan for us, the choices we make as well as our deree of faith and hardwork. So I choose to pursue my dreams because I believe with God’s plan.

American English Course July 26, 2016.


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