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I’ve discussed with my thesis supervisor. It’s all about current economic issues. But I suddenly remembered with economic journal, it was written by U.S proffessor about how can stock market development impact on economic growth. This question bother me sometimes. Talking about stock market in a country which has capital market literacy below 1 percent compare to total popullation, it’s kind of interesting rubric. My friend who work in stock market industry almost get mad because he faces many problems to marketize it. He said if you want to be a good stock market practitioner, you must learn how to sell a pen to blind people. There are several obstacles, even it starts from the basic understanding, the way Indonesian people see stock market industry. Some people view stock market as “casino” that have little positive impact on their life and country.

Does stock market similar with “casino”?

I think Dr Zakir Naik and Dr Budi have perfect answer. Clik Dr Zakir Naik – Stock Market Halal or Haram? and Hukum trading saham dan jual beli sekuritas dalam Islam..

Does stock market has positive impact on economic growth?

It’s very interesting topic to be discussed. Emperical evidence shows different result. Some of economists stated the existence of a strong positive correlation between stock market development and economic growth. However, some authors resulted there was no significant relationship between stock market and economic growth.

By the way, what is your opinion? Can stock market be an engine of economic grotwh?

Let’s voice your opinion here 🙂

Note : To be frank, insha Allah I interest to conduct research about does Indonesia stock market impact on economic growth? May Allah give me chance to do that. Aamiin.


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